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Grimm/Teen Wolf: Captain Sean Renard/Sheriff Stilinski

(from that unwritten AU where Sean was in a happy triad with Mama Stilinski and the Sheriff, until Mama Stilinski died and he stayed back in Portland, because angst and grief and Wesen politics)

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    #I would kill for supernatural royalty to show up in Teen Wolf #all WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING HERE #THE HALES USED TO...
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    Oh god, yes! I would mind it if Nick was related to Mama Stilinski too. Oh my oh my!
  7. verstehen1 said: THOSE TAGS. ALSO I THINK THE WORLD WOULD EXPLODE IF SASHA ROIZ AND LIAM ASHBY WERE ON SCREEN TOGETHER. But there’s actually a couple of decent Grimm/TW crossovers on AO3 but not nearly enough of them.
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